After Tornado Strike, Seymour School Opening Delayed

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SEYMOUR, Iowa  --  The Seymour School District had been hoping to resume class this week after an EF-2 tornado stuck the town on March 6th. Now, the school district is hoping for next week.

"When the DNR said that they need to come down and test for asbestos and lead-based paint in the area of the school, that was hit with a stop on the progress that we have made,” said Jamie Houser, the principal of the Seymour school. “We had to wait for the testing that came back, and it came back hot in certain places, so when it spot comes back hot they consider the whole building hot.”

Now special crews are working inside the old school to save whatever they can. Anything like papers and clothing will have to be thrown away.

The school received a shipment of new books on Monday, and cleaning crews were inside working after most of the construction work is completed.

Since class has been delayed, the school put a note on its website asking students to spend time studying on their own.

“We’ve had lots of parents putting pictures of the kids on Facebook showing the kids doing reading, or math, or playing some different games like that, so it's been good to see that the kids have been keeping up on things that we need them to be doing when they get back here,” said Houser.