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Iowa History to Roll Through the State

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IOWA  --  All Iowans will soon have a chance to see the state's history in a mobile museum.

The Iowa History 101 mobile museum will visit all 99 counties in Iowa over the next three years. The museum stopped by the Capitol on Tuesday for the governor to take a look.

Inside, visitors will find artifacts that show Iowans at home, work, and play.

"One of my favorites, personally, is one of Iowa's prototype flags. So people will be able to see that, along with some other artifacts, more from daily life. We even have a silver medal from Natasha Kaiser Brown in there. A lot of great things for Iowans to see and connect to," said Susan Kloewer.

The mobile museum will partner with local community groups when it goes to different counties to help share each community's local history.

Check out the mobile museum's schedule here.