Des Moines Company Provides Live Public Look-In on Court Avenue Bar District

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- These days, not much is kept secret anymore. Especially along downtown Des Moines' Court Avenue. "If you are going to be out in public just understand there are going to be times where you are video taped," said Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parizek.

Now, thanks to Electronic Engineering, which donated nine high-definition cameras after a number of incidents in 2015 including a homicide shooting, the public can view live video from two cameras placed along Court Avenue day or night.  "We are going to see it has the potential to be very valuable moving forward to the future if we do have another homicide or a hit and run car accident," said Parizek.

Chyna Diamondz is a local R&B artist who believes not only will it help police solve crimes quicker, it will also help bridge the divide some in the community have with cops.  Chyna said, "So many police officers have a bad rep off of he said, she said and now it's live and you can see it.  It's beneficial for both sides."

The cameras, went live publicly Monday. They were installed in February of 2015 and have been a success for the police department. Parizek said, "We've been able to recover some very valuable high-definition video that's helped us in our investigations."

In just a short time, the public live feed has also helped bartenders feel safe while closing shop late at night, like assistant manager at Tonic, Megan Spicer who said, "A lot of employees like to check and see if there is anybody near their cars at the end of the night."  Des Moines company, Electronic Engineering installed the cameras free of charge. While live cameras around the clock could help prevent crime in the Court District, it's already helping many, like Chyna, find when and where to go for a good time. "St. Patty's Day, I forgot all about it.  I came down here and was stuck in the line for almost an hour so. If I would have known or checked it I could have saved myself the hassle." Megan added, "Just on a Friday, Saturday night you want to see what's going on downtown. Is it poppin' or not? You can check out the camera and see how many people are walking around."

The live cameras can be viewed online at Electronic Engineer's website


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