DHS to Investigate Video of Alleged Child Abuse After Initially Dismissing Report

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Alleged child abuse caught on video.

DES MOINES, Iowa – After a story from Channel 13 brought to light a possible case of child abuse the Iowa Department of Human Services had previously dismissed without investigation, DHS now says they’ll look into the case further.

The parents of a Des Moines infant brought the alleged abuse to the attention of DHS after a security camera in their home captured video of the babysitter dropping the infant into its crib and then dragging the boy by his foot to get him to lie down. Later, she is seen flipping the child around by his arm, knocking his head against the crib railing.

The parents notified DHS and were told an investigator would look into the case and review the video. Sen. Matt McCoy says the parents received a letter reading, in part, “the report of the suspected child abuse you made will not result in an assessment.” The letter goes on to state, “the information you provided is insufficient to infer that child abuse or neglect has occurred.”

Sen. McCoy has been pushing for an investigation into DHS and its handling of several child abuse cases, including the one that resulted in the death of West Des Moines teenager Natalie Finn.

Republicans have been hesitant about calling for a DHS investigation, saying they first want law enforcement to complete its investigation.

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