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Iowa DOT Warns Drivers of Online License Renewal Scam

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IOWA  --  The Department of Transportation is sending out a warning to drivers.

Officials say it is important to be careful when getting your license renewed, as some websites are trying to trick drivers.

The DOT says popular websites like DMV.gov are the wrong places to go to renew a license.

Mark Lowe with the DOT says the site tricks people into buying an informational packet; this information is identical to what can be found on the Iowa DOT website for free.

The packets cost $15 dollars and require another $30 to get a license renewed. The DOT says it has already taken steps to reduce the number of people caught up in the scam.

"And those folks would think they applied for an online renewal of their drivers license which they can only do through our website. So we did a couple things. We did some advertising strategies on our internet structure to make sure our site appears on top," said Lowe.

When looking online for license renewal in Iowa, do not click on the first website that appears. Instead, make sure to only click on the iowadot.gov site.

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