Clive Named River Town of the Year in Iowa

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CLIVE, Iowa  —  The City of Clive has been named the Iowa River Town of the Year by the non-profit Iowa Rivers Revival.

Clive was honored for its efforts to preserve and protect Walnut Creek, which flows through the Clive Greenbelt.

“Clive, since its beginning in 1956, has always looked at the greenbelt as an important part of their community. It’s what makes the city unique and special,” said Robin Fortney of Iowa Rivers Revival. “This is the kind of creek every kid should grow up around because it’s accessible and it’s perfect for playing in.”

The Clive Greenbelt and work on Walnut Creek kicked off with a 1979 bond vote.

“That was the voice of the people to pass a bond referendum to allow for that first substantial investment in 1979,” said Doug Ollendike, the Clive Community Development Director. “It was $120,000, that was the substantial investment, but that was a big deal the time it kicked off the improvements, not just acquisitions.”

Ollendike said that greenbelt development also encouraged commercial and residential development, which helped Clive grow.

Clive was recognized for efforts to stabilize the stream banks using bio-engineering, rather than dumping large locks along the bank. The city was also recognized for efforts to work with Walnut Creek Watershed members to help reduce runoff.

Clive has also led the way in training other towns on stream restoration.

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