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Boone School District Making Cuts Due to Reduced Budget

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BOONE, Iowa  —  The Boone School District is learning the impact of lawmakers’ 1.1% funding increase for next year.

According to the Boone News-Republican, the district approved a nearly $42 million budget for next year, which is more than $3 million less than this year’s budget.

Because of the smaller budget, the district is reducing staff, reducing stipends for assistant coaches, and offering some employees early retirement.

The district sent out an e-mail to its employees and board members in response to the story. The e-mail reads, in part:


·  The Boone Community School District overall budget for ALL funds in 2015-16 was $45,307,650.

·  The overall budget for 2016-17 is estimated to be $42,111,213.

·  The overall budget for 2017-18 is estimated to be $41,963,124.

·  A 1.1% funding increase for next year applies ONLY to the General Fund which is only a portion of the overall budget. This equates to general fund SSA “New money” as follows:

2016-17 = ($142,619)

2017-18 = $120,981

Why is next year’s budget $3,344,526 less than it was two years ago?

·  It’s mostly about the construction project…

·  $1,407,507 is a reduction in Facilities Acquisition and Construction expenditures due to completion of the high school construction project.

·  $2,036,402 is a reduction in Debt Service expenditures due to refinancing existing middle school debt in FY16.

·  Neither of these have any impact on the general fund which is where daily operations of the district are paid from

The actual General Fund Instruction and Support Services budget, which is impacted by Supplemental State Aid of 1.11%, includes such things as daily operations, salaries/benefits, instructional support, maintenance, utilities, transportation, etc. The General Fund Instruction and Support Services is what we discuss when we talk about budgetary impacts on education. For the BCSD this is:

·  The General Fund Instruction and Support Services budget this year is $25,216,800

·  The General Fund Instrucion and Support Services amount budgeted for next year is $25,582,000

·  This is actually a General Fund budget increase of $365,200.

Will there be reductions and why:

·  The current level of general fund expenditures is not sustainable with this low level of supplemental state aid.

·  The annual increase in general fund expenditures for the last five years averages in excess of $500,000 each year.

·  Salaries and benefits are 78% of the total general fund expenditures.


·  The Board has a proved a plan to manage this increase vs need impact.

·  The few employees whose jobs may be reduced have been contacted, and already know of this status. If you have not been contacted by Brad or your principal, no significant changes in your job status are planned.

·  The only anticipated teaching reduction is 0.5 FTE HS Language Arts due to a change in the Teacher Leader assignment with Jill Thieben moving to full time HS Technology Teacher Leader. (Diana Byriel is also moving to full-time Technology Teacher Leader but her Title I half-time position which is funded by Title I will be filled). This change is pending approval of the Department of Education.

·  Regarding coaches, there may be a couple of assistant coaching positions reduced due to low participation. Any such reductions have not yet been determined.

·  Early retirement was offered this year and will be offered next year.