Iowa Boy Gets Birthday Surprise From Harlem Globetrotters

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IOWA  --  An Iowan student got a whole lot more than be bargained for on his birthday.

Jovan was turning 10 years old, so his brother thought it would be nice, if the Harlem Globetrotters would sing him happy birthday at the team performance on Tuesday.

But the players thought that wasn't enough for a boy that had already battled so much, and KWWL's Jessica Jartman was there for Jovan's surprise at his Evansdale school.

After getting a big welcome from his classmates, it was the surprise guest--Zeus, a Harlem Globetrotter-- that put the biggest smile on his face.

Zeus sang Jovan happy birthday, following up the song with a slam dunk and a few tricks and handing the ball over to Jovan.

This was a special moment for a child who has suffered from seizures for more than five years and underwent two brain surgeries.

"Basically they disconnect half of his brain to alleviate the seizures. However, he is still having them. His last one was yesterday," said his mother Angela Gary.

The surprise was a perfect way for this basketball fan to celebrate.

"It is everything. He has been through a lot. He deserves everything," said Angela.

And getting to do it with the big brother who made it happen is even better.

"Very important because he had two brain surgeries. It has been pretty rough for us, but we got through it. I am just glad he is happy," said brother Jalen.

Jovan will be watching Zeus and the entire team during Tuesday's performance at the McLeod Center.