Iowa Lawmakers Show Support of Equal Pay Day

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UNITED STATES  —  Tuesday is National Equal Pay Day, which is bringing attention to the wage gap between men and women across the country.

On average, women make 20% less than male co-workers in equal jobs. It would take until today–April 4th–for a woman to earn as much money as a man did for doing the same work last year. Women also make an estimated $0.77 on the $1 made by men for doing the same job.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill re-introduced legislation on Tuesday aimed at narrowing the wage gap. The bill would eliminate loopholes in the Equal Pay Act.

The Paycheck Fairness Act has been introduced before, but has ultimately fallen short.

Iowa lawmakers are also marking the day. The Iowa House Democrats tweeted a picture saying they are fighting for equal pay.

Representative Todd Prichard also tweeted a photo with a dollar bill pinned to his jacket, with the caption, “Proud to wear this dollar bill pinned to my chest and stand in solidarity with women across the state to mark #EqualPayDay.”


Several other lawmakers also work a dollar bill on their jacket or shirt.