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Owner of J&J Pizza Denies Allegations the Business Played a Role in Sunday’s Shooting

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The city has a temporarily pulled the liquor license from a restaurant involved in a Sunday morning shooting that injured five people.

Channel 13 spoke to Jerry Berry, the owner of J&J Pizza, who said he feels it is unfair for his business to lose its license.

"Because somebody was out there shooting and it sounded like a civil war, all you can hear is doo-doo-doo, what could I do," said Berry.

After the shooting, police said they found multiple weapons and evidence of illegal drug activity on scene.

"There was no drugs in here, they didn't find no guns in here, and there wasn't no 40 casings in here, they were all outside between Quick Trip and Gomez Tires," said Berry.

Still, police say the shooting was reason enough to pull the license. However, Berry said what happened Sunday morning was out of his control.

"I cant stop these young boys from carrying a gun. I can't stop them from going up and down the streets fighting each other. I have no control over that," he said.

City Councilman Bill Gray wonders if J&J Pizza is in compliance with the city's 50/50 code, which means the restaurant's revenue has to be half from liquor sales and half from food sales.

Investigators are still investigating the incident, and in the meantime, J&J Pizza will remain open and only serve food.