Pella Keeps Tulip Bloom Watchers Informed

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PELLA, Iowa  --  Whenever the nice weather breaks out in Pella, residents are constantly asked one question.

“Will the tulips be in bloom for tulip time?” is the most common version.

The people at the Chamber, the City of Pella, or even shop owners downtown all get that question.

Now, the city is posting an online map for people to keep up-to-date not only on the overall tulip progress, but bed-by-bed around town.

"What the map does, is it has some of the more frequently asked questions on it,” said Jeanette Vaughan, Community Services Director for the City of Pella. “We also list what type of tulips are in each of the beds. We don't have all my beds listed, because we have about 182 beds in Pella."

People around town really get into putting out tulip beds.

“What we do is every few days, or a little bit more often as soon as the tulips start showing more color, we just update that,” said Vaughan. “We have a couple different things we put on it, we’ll put on what beds are in full bloom, and when they're just starting to show color.”

On a sunny day, the people are out enjoying the park, even though the tulips are not out yet.

“As you can see today, the park's kind of busy. Everyone gets excited especially when we've had such a long wet cloudy spell, and then obviously are tulips love it because some of them are starting to show a little bit of color already,” said Vaughan.

If you’d like to check the tulips' progress, click here.