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“Count the Kicks” Expanding Its Operations and Its Lifesaving Goals

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  "Count the Kicks" started more than a decade ago as a group of five friends sharing coffee and sharing the pain of losing a child.  On Wednesday they announced their organization is expanding in a big way.

At its annual luncheon in Des Moines on Wednesday the founders of the charity announced they are opening an office in Des Moines and hiring an Executive Director.  Emily Price, who credits the group with saving the life her son, will lead the group.

Count the Kicks has a simple but powerful message.  They say stillbirths can be eliminated simply by counting to ten.  They encourage all women in their third trimester of pregnancy to spend an hour counting the times they feel their baby move.  If they can't count to ten, then it is time to call a doctor.

Since the group began spreading that message across the state, Iowa's stillbirth rate has fallen by 26% to the lowest in the nation.  The group says it now wants to spread the word to the other 49 states.  They've set an ambitious goal of saving 6,000 lives per year through their advocacy.

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