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Senator Ernst Supports President Surgical Syria Strike on Iowa Tour

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ELDORA, Iowa- Senator Joni Ernst made her first ever visit to the State Training School for Boys in Eldora.

While at the school Ernst said she supports President Trump’s bombing of Syria, after a chemical weapons attack. Ernst had spoken out against action in Syria under President Obama.

“I support the surgical strike, I know that it was in direct action to the chemical attack on the people by President Bashar al-Assad,” said Ernst. “And again, a surgical strike, I am still opposed to going in on a full-scale action into Syria.”

Comments by Sean Spicer comparing Assad to Hitler have raised an outcry in Washington.

“I know that he did apologize for his remarks, and I think that we give him another chance," said Ernst. "He is there to serve as the President’s spokesperson, I think that is something the President will have to determine."

Regarding the tour of the State Training School for Boys, Ernst said she was glad to get to meet the staff and some students are the school. The school deals with boys from tough home situations. Some can only read at a first grade level. Ernst was shown training areas for culinary and auto mechanics as a part of her tours.

Ernst learned of one federal program which helps the school.

“They do use the Perkins Grant funds to buy equipment for their training programs,” said Ernst. “Its great that the young men who come here can gain technological advantages, through whether its culinary arts, or rebuilding an engine, things like that, hands-on experience that they can translate into an occupation.”

The stop was part of Senator Ernst's 99 County Iowa Tour.

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