Local Organization to Feed More than Two Thousand at Easter Feast

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Hope Ministries in Des Moines does not know if there will be enough bread and dessert to complete its Easter feast.

One employee, Louis Dawson, remains hopeful there will be plenty to go around.

Before Dawson got paid to cut up pounds and pounds of ham for Hope Ministries' Easter feast, he battled drug addiction and lived on the streets.

"The whole nine yards, homelessness, I’ve experienced all those things in the past, but by the grace of God I’m here to tell them there is a way out,” said Dawson, Food Supervisor at Hope Ministries.

Dawson said services like Hope Ministries helped save his life.

"Stop doing the things that continue to harm you. This is still a safe haven and a place for you to come and get away from all that," he said.

More than 400 people take advantage of Hope Ministries' services every day, and Dawson said it's more than just feeding people.

"They can have some positive, uplifting music playing in the background and some friendly conversation from a guy that genuinely cares and loves them. That is me," he said.

Over the weekend, organizers at Hope Ministries said more than 2,000 hot meals will be served and delivered.

"We see that it is a family tradition for a lot of families to come out," Communications Director Kathy Cody said.

For Dawson and the more than 100 volunteers, this is family.

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