Pro-Trump Rally Turns Violent as Supporters and Protesters Face Off

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BERKELEY, California  —  The coming filing date renewed pressure for President Trump to release his tax return.

In California, a scheduled pro-Trump Patriot Day rally tax rally turned violent as anti-Trump protesters sparred with supporters, according to CNN’s Sara Ganim. Fireworks, bottles, and traffic cones were thrown as the two sides clashed.

“Fascist. They called me a fascist. I ain’t no racist. I ain’t no racist, I ain’t no fascist. I think everyone here should have a speech,” said one pro-Trump attendee.

That man later walked away bloodied.

“Yeah a rock hit me in the face, it’s cool. This is what we came here for.”

Police say 21 people were arrested, 11 injured, and seven taken to the hospital.

“They’re crazy. But I was hoping that some way we could stop them from doing what they do, but they did it anyway.”

Many of the protesters covered their faces, dressed all in black. A mesh barrier meant to separate the two sides quickly fell down, and protesters began pushing, shoving, and hitting people on the opposite side.

“Those guys are cowards. This is all they do, they hide with their masks they sucker punch you, they hit you in the back of the head with sticks. This is what they do.”

Police say they confiscated flag poles, a knife, a stun gun, and eventually used pepper spray to get the crowd under control. This is not the first time Berkeley has seen a protest turn violent this year; in February, protesters caused more than $100,000 of damage after a night of violent protests against the appearance of right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopoulos.