Grassley Supports Northey As USDA Deputy Secretary

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Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey was up in Washington D.C. this week. For Secretary Sonny Perdue's confirmation and welcoming speech, but also to participate in a farmer round table that included the new secretary as well as President Trump.

Northey says that he was encouraged by the discussion, which he says was positive overall.

However, Northey's visit to D.C. fueled rumors that he could be on a short list to serve at the USDA's Deputy Secretary, the number two position.

Secretary Perdue is from the south, which causes some concerns for Midwestern agriculture; however, a Midwestern farmer like Northey could ease those concerns if he had influence at the USDA.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he's had a couple conversations with Secretary Perdue about Northey at a top position, "And I know that Secretary Northey believes that he could help agriculture all over the country just the same way he's helped it in Iowa in a very significant position within the Department of Agriculture. And I would support him and I think he's got a good chance. But that doesn't say it's certain."

Northey has been Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture since 2007. In a statement he says he loves his job, but is open to consider other roles.