Metro Couple’s Home Hit by Alleged Drunk Driver

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The McGregors were woken up to quite a scene on Thursday night when a pickup truck smashed into their home.

“I thought I was dreaming until my son was beating on my door, and when I look out the window I'm like, 'am I really seeing a truck on its side in my yard?’” said Kim McGregor.

She says she felt her house on 13th and Carpenter shake from the impact.  When she went outside, the driver was nowhere to be found.

“I hope the driver was okay, because there was no driver in the truck and I'm thinking, ‘ok where did he go, is he ok? and someone says they seen him running holding his arm’” she said.

According to the police report, the man behind the wheel was 44 year-old Rubin Perez, who had allegedly been drinking and got into a fight with his son before taking off in the truck.

The home’s security video shows one of Perez's family members arrive on foot, franticly trying to break the windshield.  Perez emerges, and then flees the scene.

The McGregors say they haven't heard from the family, which is odd because they live right across the street.

“Did they come by to even say sorry?” asked Kim. “Nothing,” replied her husband Terry. “And they've been in the neighborhood well over 10 years,” said Kim.

The McGregors say the area is notorious for speeders, and this is not the first time for something like this.

“I'm like, ‘are we in a residential neighborhood or are we at the Indy 500?’” said Kim.

“Somebody hit the pole that's next to the ally and believe it or not it knocked out all the lights in our house, and they had the audacity to change their plates and left the car laying right there on Carpenter Street,” said Terry.

Now the couple surveys the damage, thankful that it wasn't worse.

“The car was smoking, so could you imagine if it would have burnt up, maybe we would have lost this whole porch, and the house probably...the lord was on our side” said Terry.

Police estimate the damage to the home to be $10,000. The man they say was behind the wheel has not yet been located.