Nationwide Nurse-In Draws Support for Breastfeeding Laws

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Supporters of breastfeeding gathered at the Statehouse on Friday to express their concerns about public breastfeeding law violations.

The event is called Nationwide Nurse-In, and took place at state capitols across the U.S.

Attendees say this year is more important than ever because of the recent executive action to repeal a law that provides mothers with breastfeeding accommodations at work. Supporters also say nearly half the states either don't have adequate protections or there are no laws in place at all.

"They think that we should do it at home or in a bathroom, but, you know, babies have to eat whether we are at Target or at Olive Garden," said Amber Schwickerath. "Babies have to eat just like we do, and we don't eat our food in the restroom, so it's really unfair to make breastfeeding moms do the same."