Newborn Girl Surrendered Through Safe Haven Law

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Safe Haven law (WHO-HD)

The Iowa Department of Human Services says a newborn baby has been surrendered to the custody of the state through the Safe Haven law.

The baby girl was born on April 10th and was released to DHS the day after her birth.

“The life and health of newborns is protected under this important law,” said Wendy Rickman, administrator of Adult, Children and Family Services at DHS. “Parents in crisis are also protected from prosecution for abandonment, allowing them to safely leave an infant at a hospital or health care facility, no questions asked.”

A hearing to terminate the parental rights of the child will be held within a month and then the child will be able to be adopted.

The Safe Haven law allows parents to give up a baby 14 days or younger without the fear of prosecution for abandonment.

This is the 27th Safe Haven child to be surrendered since the law was enacted in 2002.