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After Losing Two Daughters in Crash, Iowa Mother Speaks Out Against Distracted Driving

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IOWA  --  An eastern Iowa mother is speaking out after her two teenage daughters were killed by a distracted driver last year.

Keith Furne, 35, is charged with homicide by vehicle after investigators say he was texting when he rear-ended the teens' car. Jenny Perez and her two other children in the car survived.

Since the crash, Perez say she's worked to stop distracted driving and that what happened to her family could have been prevented.

"How are we alive? How is any one of us alive? I mean, it's just a big mangled pile of metal, I mean you can barely make out one wheel and that's about it, and in that picture all five of us are still in that car."

Starting July 1st, texting and driving will become a primary offense in Iowa, meaning police can pull over anyone they suspect is using a cell phone. Under the new law, drivers who kill someone by texting and driving could serve up to 10 years in prison.

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