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Seymour Gets State Loan to Pay For Tornado Cleanup

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DES MOINES, Iowa- The Iowa Executive Council has approved a loan for the town of Seymour to help with cleanup of damage after an EF-2 tornado. The Council approved the loan for $284,287.

In a letter of application through Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department, Mayor Caleb Housh wrote that 6 weeks after the tornado, there is still cleanup work to be done.

“We had many residents that were underinsured, or uninsured, that suffered damage to their home and property” wrote Housh. “I feel it is the city’s responsibility to clear these remaining properties, and build in Seymour.”

The mayor added that 25 homes were damaged or destroyed by the tornado. The City applied for a contingency loan through Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

“This program can be a lifeline we need as a city as we recover from this natural disaster,” wrote Housh. “Over 1000 loads of debris were hauled out.”

Housh did make mention of all the help Seymour had gotten with 800 high school students coming to help with the cleanup.

“The outpouring of support, compassion, volunteerism Seymour has received has only reinforced how great it is to live in Iowa,” said Housh.

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