Congressman Rod Blum Concludes Town Hall Meetings in Marshalltown

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- First District Congressman Rod Blum of Dubuque came to the Marshalltown Community College.

An estimated 150 people or so came early to gain admittance. ID’s were checked so only First Congressional District Residents were admitted.

Some came armed with red and green sheets to give out. That is so that when the conversation was happening people could show red for disagree, and green if the agreed with the speaker.

“You may not like President Trump. probably don’t. most the people in the crowd. but let's drain the swamp,” said Blum. “Can we agree on that we drain the swamp of Washington DC?”

“98 per cent of every piece of ground in Iowa is now under the jurisdiction of the EPA because some river-let runs through your back yard and gets wet when it rains, thats a bit much,” said Mo McWhirter, of Traer in talking to Blum.

“My comment to him was about his role as a climate change skeptic,” said Gary Zmolek, of Marshalltown. “I know the science that he purportedly reads is really junk science.”

Afterward the Congressman’s aides said this meeting was calm by standards set earlier in the week.

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