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You Still Can’t Shoot off Fireworks in West Des Moines, But You Will Be Able to Buy Them There

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  --  You still cannot shoot off fireworks in the city of West Des Moines, but you will be able to buy and sell them there soon.

A City Council workshop was held Monday night regarding regulations for the use and sale of fireworks. The workshop was held in light of the new state law lifting the ban on fireworks. That new law goes into effect next month, and cities have discretion on whether to opt out.

“The direction that the council gave to us with the city, and this includes the fire department, also all of public safety and city zoning, is to keep the current fire code as is from the standpoint that shooting fireworks in the city of West Des Moines is going to remain the same, which is you cannot do it," said Mike Whitsell, the Fire Marshal for the City of West Des Moines.

However, the council did direct West Des Moines fire and public safety officials to rewrite the city's fire code language to accommodate the sale of fireworks in city limits.

“Now we have to go to work on getting basically the code language written for that, which there’s going to be some separation requirements. Some of this could be temporary structures, some of it could be brick and mortar structures, but we have to go in and take a look at the safety of that to see basically how we’re going to incorporate now the sale of these stands and also brick and mortar buildings in this industrial area," said Fire Marshal Whitsell.

Fireworks sales will take place in the southeastern section of the city, "roughly if you were to use Grand Avenue from about Raccoon River Park up to Fuller, Fuller then east over to Railroad, and Railroad down. It’s those areas south of that. Not the Valley Junction area."