City of Ames Studying How to Improve Campustown Parking

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AMES, Iowa  —  The City of Ames is looking at what can be done to improve parking in different areas of town.

On Tuesday, city officials are hosting a workshop to discuss Campustown parking.

“We have retail, we have people living in the spaces, I guess as the buildings have gone up and development has occurred we are definitely experiencing higher occupancy,” said Karin Chitty, Director of the Campustown Action Association.

Over the past 10 years, a number of high-rise developments have been constructed. These projects mix residential housing for ISU students with retail at the street level.

“One of the biggest concerns we have is that the regulations are different,” said Chitty. “If you park on Chamberlain it costs a certain amount of money, if you park on Welch, it costs a different amount of money. The public lots there are all different.”

Chitty added that some of the residential streets also have complex parking regulations posted by day and hour as well as side of the street.

The Ames City Council has done a detailed study of how many parking tickets were issued on various streets around Campustown.

“It’s based on the university and students,” said Chitty, referring to Campustown. “This is an area that issuing to be made for them, we don’t want it to be exclusive for them, we want to have alumni when they come back to be able to come into the district and feel comfortable and be able to find a place to park.”

The city will also be holding meetings on downtown parking, as that also was a part of the study.

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