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Comic Con Takes Over Downtown Des Moines

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Wizard World Comic Con is back again at the Iowa Events Center.

“It’s a little bit of everything in pop culture. If you love movies, if you love television, if you love science fiction, comics, cosplay, people dressing up as Harley Quinn or whatever their favorite character is. We’ve got something for everyone here this weekend,” Jerry Milani with Wizard World said.

Lots of special guests will be making appearances this weekend: famous Marvel Comic book writer Stan Lee, award winning actor Cas Anvar, the voice of Mario Charles Martinet and many more.

There are also lots of artists making appearances including Disney Fine Artist Clinton Hobart.

“Basically we make the oil paintings that go into the galleries at Disney theme parks. It’s all traditional, hand painted. Nothing is digital,” Hobart said.

Hobart said he does a lot of still-life paintings and most recently he focused on Doritos.

“I painted a painting of Doritos and it was sort of social satire. You know you paint egg shells and apples when you are in art school and my brother said why are you painting apples and eggshells? You should be painting cheetos or doritos because that’s what’s popular right now. So I did it and then Michael Rooker from Guardians of the Galaxy bought the original and tweeted it and now it’s a career move,” Hobart said.

Milani said there is always something constantly going on including meet and greets and autograph signings.

Cas Anvar said he is really excited to talk with fans this weekend particularly fans of Assassin’s Creed, The Expanse and The Strain.

“I get to play a very big range of different characters. My Assassin’s Creed character I play the role of Altair. He’s kind of an antihero. He’s a Robin Hood of old. He takes care of the bad guys. He is really kind of a dark hero. I get to play a real nasty guy on The Strain. In the fourth and final season this year I’ve been playing Sanjay Desai. He’s a really really nefarious guy. And then in The Expanse I get to play a swashbuckling, kind of southern, spaceship fighter pilot. In the spirit of Han Solo. So it’s a really fun group of characters I got to play,” Anvar said.

Anvar said the science part of The Expanse is very accurate and unique to the show.

“We’ve been invited to a number of the Science of The Expanse panels all across the country and we went to Caltech a few months ago. We were very happy to receive an A plus rating for how accurate our science is,” Anvar said.

There are also lots of cars from movies on display like Back to the Future and Speed Racer.

“This is the best Speed Racer you’re going to see and this is just one of the cars here. It’s another fun thing you can do when you come to Wizard World is see these replica cars from your favorite movies,” Milani said.

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