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Green Bay Packer Saves the Day for Eastern Iowa Class

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JANESVILLE, Iowa  --  Fans of the Green Bay Packers--and opposing teams--know quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a knack for miraculous plays to save the day for his team.

It may be the off season for Rodgers, but he isn't taking a break from making miracles happen for fans. KWWL's Taylor Bailey stopped by a Janesville high school that got a little help from the Packer when he bailed out a class from having to finish their finals project.

Peyton ran in through the door and he said, "Aaron tweeted me back,' and I didn't believe him at first because it seemed really unrealistic. But then he showed me and yep, it was real."

Sports literature teacher Lara Roberts is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers, her classroom decked out in green and yellow.

"He's my favorite Green Bay Packers player," she said of Rodgers.

Why did she let her students run this play?

"Who really thinks anything is going to actually happen? Certainly not me, and so I let them figure out who they wanted to tweet, take the picture, and there you go," she said.

Peyton said within a few minutes his tweet was getting retweeted and favorited all across school, but soon after he got that retweet he was waiting for.

"I was looking through my feed still because it was going around I guess, but not as much as we thought it was, but after that two minutes I came up and I was like, dude, we got it, we got the tweet, no sports lit final," he said.

Rodgers tweeted just an hour after Peyton's tweet was sent, to the surprise--and happiness--of his classmates as they were saved from writing an eight-page paper.

"The bell rang and I went back to my class and I was like, 'everyone who is in sports lit, no final,' and they were just like, 'no way he already tweeted you back,' and I'm like, 'yeah, check it out."

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