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Science Center of Iowa Announces New Dinosaur Exhibit Invading this Fall

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- On Tuesday, the Science Center of Iowa announced the new exhibit coming on September 30, Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family.

“This is an exhibit that looks at the most feared and revered of all of the dinosaurs in new and different ways,” Emilee Richardson, Science Center of Iowa Director of Marketing and Public Relations said.

The exhibit will replace the Wild Music exhibit, which is ending May 29.

Richardson said when people see the name tyrannosaur, they tend to think of the T-Rex, but the exhibit goes beyond that.

“Tyrannosaur is actually a much broader family group and there are actually 27 different dinosaurs that fall under the tyrannosaur family. And we will be looking at a variety of those both in full-cast skeletons, as well as animations and different actual real fossils,” Richardson said.

Richardson added, there will also be lots of hands on activities for adults and kids.

“We will be doing a whole suite of programming around this exhibit, because we want to make sure everyone has a really robust experience and learns a lot about dinosaurs, evolution and everything that goes along with it. So we will be having a dinosaur dig pit and people can come in and do some excavation of their own. We also will be having live science programs,” Richardson said.

There will be a related IMAX movie, interactive graphics and special events surrounding the exhibit.

Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family originally started in Australia and is making its United States debut at the Science Center of Iowa.

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