Cedar Falls Sees Double the Success in High School Graduating Class

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CEDAR FALLS, Iowa  --  This weekend, high school seniors throughout Iowa will walk across the stage.

But as Cedar Falls students get their diplomas, audience members may feel like they are seeing double, as the high school has nine sets of twins graduating in the same class.

On Friday, the seniors returned to the grade schools where it all began--the same elementary at which four of the pairs first started school.

"It is pretty special. We thought it was a lot when it was the four of us here at Hansen, but there are nine of us in our graduating class, which is absolutely crazy. At least for me, it brought us together and gave us something special to share about our class," said one of the students.

On the next part of their journey, some of the siblings will be parting ways. Some are going to out-of-state schools while their twins attend Iowa colleges.