Indian Hills Students Head Into the Weekend with High Fives

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CLIVE, Iowa  --  High Five Friday is one way students and faculty at a metro school have decided to come together and start the day on a high note--literally.

Indian Hills Junior High band members play upbeat music while students enter the school and high five their teachers. The school's guidance counselor says it's a fun way for students and faculty alike to get involved and celebrate everything they've accomplished.

"It's evolving. And to get everybody involved we've had the orchestra perform, we've had the jazz band perform, we've had three teachers--the chorus teacher, orchestra teacher, band teacher--perform, and now we have other faculty members who have played musical instruments in their band back in high school who have agreed to perform," said Barbara Johnson. Kids love to see their teachers do something other than teach."

The school says it has been a huge success, and officials hope to continue something similar next year.