Iowa Trump Supporters Explain Their Choice

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IOWA  --  President Trump says the world is no longer laughing at the U.S., but what do the president's supporters think?

CNN's Ryan Nobles traveled to Iowa to get some residents' views on the president.

"We don't want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore. And they won't be. They won't be," said the president.

In Greenfield, Iowa, the message seems to be hitting home.

Ryan Frederick, Chairman of the Adair County GOP, said, "I think people are sick and tired of the federal government, and in some instances state governments, not working for their own people. Why shouldn't the American citizen be first in the eyes of their own government?"

Barack Obama carried the state in 2012, and just four years later Donald Trump won Iowa by more than 10 points in November. Many Iowa voters embraced his campaign promise that he would stand up to the rest of the world.

"Why shouldn't we want to at very least treat ourselves fairly first? And I think that was the message of Donald Trump's campaign," said Frederick.

For small business owners like Teresa Conradi who sets up shop at the West Des Moines Farmers' Market, the local economy feels strong. She voted for Donald Trump and believes he has her best interest in mind.

"I think he can make it a little divisive, you know, I'm going to be fair about it, but I also think he's trying but the way he knows how. You know, I think he's just got a different way of going about it," she said.

It is a way that sometimes may make her uncomfortable.

"It might appear that its coming off strong or whatever, but this is actually what he's really trying to do and it makes sense, instead of taking everything he says literally--which I know what he should be a little careful, but..."

But some Trump supporters here say it's still a better way.

"I think that every day that he wakes up and gets taken on by the Rachel Maddows of the world and the Kathy Griffins of the world, he becomes more popular with that group," said Frederick.