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Colfax Sheep and Goat Auction, June 3

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The Colfax sheep and goat auction on Saturday saw a good run of 761 head of sheep.

Feeder lambs fetched the days high average price of $2.18 per pound, while fed lambs averaged $2.10 per pound.

Sheep weight class to average price per pound:

40-50- $2.30

50-60- $2.32
60-70- $2.1750
70-80- $2.14
80-90- $2.13
90-100- $2.06
100-110- $2.07
110-120- $2.15
120-130- $2.04
140-150- $2.14
The 175 head of goats at the auction saw a high average price ranging from $105 to $250 per head.

Goat weight class to average price per head:

30-45- $105
45-60- $17750
60-75- $235
75-90- $250

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