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Veteran Owned Roofing Company Gives Vietnam Vet a New Roof for Free

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- A group of veterans that served in Afghanistan is showing their appreciation to a Vietnam veteran in a special way. The veteran owned company in Urbandale is giving a new roof, free of charge, to a veteran in Carlisle this week. It's their way of saying thank you, and the couple on the receiving end is grateful.

Veterans helping veterans is what Titan Roofing & Exteriors is all about. "This was an idea, a concept that was developed and put on a shelf a few years back, and then we ended up deploying to Afghanistan," said Tim Sulzner, one of the company's owners. "We came back we realized that we were having some issues reintegrating, as just individuals," said Sulzner.

To meet that challenge, the men decided to stay together as a team, as a way of supporting each other and other veterans.

"This is where the Titan Roofing and Exteriors came into the fold, and we started hiring veterans and putting them to work and building roofing and exteriors and doing siding and all kinds of trades within the construction industry," said Sulzner.

The business helps raise awareness about the issues veterans deal with and makes it possible to give vets like Larry Hensely a new roof.

"He went through a lot of these things that I went through a couple of years ago, way before I did," said Cody Rowland, one of the owners of the business.  "And it`s just a great feeling to be able to help him, you know, he`s got some medical issues and things like that. He can`t get up there and re-roof his house, we can, so it’s a perfect opportunity."

Larry doesn't speak much these days and is still suffering from the effects of war. "He still carries it. He`s suffering from cancer from agent orange and we`re able to give these guys a new roof which is more than just a roof," said Sulzner. "It protects everything underneath the roof, which is what he did when he was serving his country, protecting us, so it`s kind of poetic. It`s kind of awesome."

Larry's Wife Irene described how moved she is by the company's gesture of goodwill. "I cried when they told me. I think it`s the first thing that`s ever been done for him, as a vVetnam veteran. i would say this is the first time that he`s had any kind of an honor and for a company to do that, I think is remarkable."

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