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Two New Lions Welcomed to Blank Park Zoo

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The heat is no problem for two new additions at the Blank Park Zoo.

Kadi and Neema are African lions who came from the Santa Barbara Zoo. The sisters are six years old and will join the Blank Park Zoo's current male lion Deuce. The goal is to produce cubs one day, as zookeepers say the lionesses were a good genetic match for Deuce.

African lions are listed as vulnerable and their population is declining.

Zookeepers say they and the sisters are slowly getting to know one another.

"Getting to know them is really amazing," said carnivore primate zookeeper Megan Woodall. "These two have completely different personalities, it's really cool how they interact with one another and how they've been interacting with our male, Deuce. So getting to know them has been a fun process, seeing their personality come out and seeing them get comfortable with us is great."

Until the introductions are complete, the female lions may be available for viewing during the morning hours at the zoo.

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