Iowans Embrace Diversity at World Refugee Day Celebration

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World Refugee Day celebrations (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  A group of Iowans gathered to celebrate diversity on Saturday.

“They’re just like us, just speak a different language, different religion, they come from different regions, but they’re just like us.”

Des Moines’ fourth annual World Refugee Day brought Iowans together to learn about different cultures through food, dance, and music. The event included a soccer tournament and local refugee service agencies sharing the work they do.

This year’s event organizers say no one should feel alone in Iowa.

“Every year when it grows, it brings more people aware of these cultures that are in our community, it brings more people in unity together so that we can help each other and recognize that each group isn’t alone, we’re a part of this big group of people trying to make central Iowa a better place, and it’s home for all of us,” said organizer Ani Das.

The event was put together by the Refugee Alliance of Central Iowa.