British Prime Minister Faces Pressure to Resign After Vote Backfires

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ENGLAND  —  British Prime Minister Theresa May’s gamble in calling an early election Friday appeared to have backfired.

It is very possible that her conservative party could lose its majority in Parliament, and there is mounting pressure for her to resign.

Britain’s election was three years away, and she did not have to call for this snap poll, but did so thinking her party would cruise to a landslide victory. Instead, her party lost the majority. Britain now has a weak government, two of her top aides have had to resign, and May has been forced to reshuffle her cabinet.

However, it is not clear if this is enough, and some people are now speculating May could face a leadership challenge.

“Theresa May promised strong and stable leadership, she has brought weakness and uncertainty. If she has an ounce of self-respect, she will resign,” said Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron.

Boris Johnson, the former foreign secretary, could now be launching a coup against May to take over as prime minister; however, he has denied these claims.