Police Investigating Homicides and Business Where They Occurred

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  As investigators search for a suspect, the location of this weekend's double homicide is also under investigation.

Early Saturday morning Darnell Lee and Jason Smith were shot and killed outside of G&M Foods, an after hours bar in the 1800 block of Easton Boulevard.

Police have interviewed nearly two dozen witnesses but are now tasked with weeding out the lies from the truth.

The owner of the business is being tight lipped.

Des Moines Sergeant Paul Parizek says, "it's my understanding, this was the first night the business was in business. For us, those minor violations are gonna come later when we are done working on the murders."

Police say they are threatening to close the business down if they find there have been liquor license or city ordinance violations.  Public records show G & M Foods does not have a beer or liquor license.  Police cannot confirm if alcohol was being consumed on site.

Those threats come after a similar shooting investigation at an after hours bar in April.  Five people were injured at J & J's pizza on Martin Luther King Junior Parkway.  The city council shut that business down.

"When we start to talk about these after hours businesses, if there is somewhere you wanna go at 3 o' clock in the morning where you need to take a gun you probably need to stay home," say Sgt. Parizek.

Police say their primary focus is not shutting the business down but instead making an arrest in the case.

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