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Des Moines Fireworks Sale Lawsuit Moved to Federal Court

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A fight over fireworks is headed to federal court.

A new Iowa law makes it legal to buy fireworks until July 8th, but Des Moines and several other cities have restricted sales to industrial areas.

A fireworks distributor is suing Des Moines, saying state law prevents cities from restricting sales. The lawsuit is seeking an injunction to block Des Moines’ ordinance.

The lawsuit was originally filed in Polk County District Court but is now being moved to the federal court system. A hearing seeking an injunction to the city’s restrictions is scheduled for Friday in Des Moines.

“As of late it’s been kind of going all crazy a lot of people wanting their fireworks. Iowa wants their fireworks,” said Chris McAninch with Shooters Fireworks, which is located along Highway 44 in Grimes.

Fireworks stands that are up and running are seeing plenty of business.

McAninch says misinterpretation of the law prevented him from opening on June 1st, the first day sales were allowed.

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