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Iowa Taps Overflowing for Des Moines Beer Week

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Brewers and beer lovers are coming together to celebrate the growing beer scene in central Iowa.

Des Moines Beer Week focuses on craft beer and breweries in Iowa.

John Martin and Ken Broadhead started Confluence Brewing Company in 2012.

“Growing up on a farm I was drawn to the grain and during high school I tried to brew beer and I wasn’t very successful. Tried in college and then finally read up on what beer is all about. I was hooked. It’s just a passion of mine,” Martin said.

Martin was a home brewer for 17 years before becoming a professional one.

With so many craft brewers in central Iowa, Martin said he doesn’t necessarily try to set themselves apart from other brewers.

“We focus on what we like to do. And I try to focus on making lots of different types of beers,” Martin said.

Des Moines Beer Week events run through June 25 at various locations.

“It started back in 2014 and it’s not actually a new concept. Philadelphia kind of pioneered it. We took it and kind of extended it to ten days. There’s too much fun to be had in a seven day week,” Eric Harlow with Des Moines Beer Week said.

Harlow said the week is a celebration of the growing craft beer scene in Des Moines.

“We look at the breweries that have popped up in the state, breweries that are coming to the state, the existing bars and restaurants that are adding more tap lines and even the new restaurants and bars that are embracing the craft beer scene. This week is really a celebration of that,” Harlow said.

Harlow added, craft beer has been good for the Des Moines economy because Iowans love supporting Iowans.

“Having this strong local brewing scene is really beneficial. It allows people to walk from their apartments or homes and really identify with a local brewery and gives you something to be attached to,” Harlow said.

For more information on the events coming up this week head over to the Des Moines Beer Week website.

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