Trump Floats Idea of Making Mexico Border Wall a ‘Solar Wall’

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President Donald Trump speaks in Cedar Rapids at a rally June 22nd, 2017. (WHO-HD)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – President Donald Trump drew a big crowd at his rally in Cedar Rapids last night. Some people were there supporting him while others were protesting the Trump administration and its policies.

Wednesday’s rally marked the President’s second trip to Iowa since winning the November election, and the first visit since he took office.

Many people eager to see President Trump lined up a day early to get a good seat.

Inside the event, trump took in the praise of the few thousand assembled. He lauded them for electing him and he offered a new idea on building that border wall he talked about so much while campaigning in Iowa.

“We’re talking about the southern border. Lots of sun, lots of heat. We’re thinking about building the wall as a solar wall, so it creates energy and pays for itself,” said Trump.

Before his Wednesday night rally, Trump stopped by Kirkwood Community College. He was joined by his ambassador to China, former governor Terry Branstad.

Trump toured the campus and agriculture technology innovations. The President said farmers are the backbone of the country and the nation needs to revitalize farming.