Iowa School Unaware of Tax Issue, Loses Playground in Tax Sale

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ZEARING, Iowa -- Summer is here but one of the most popular places to play in Zearing is off limits.

The Colo-Nesco School District is without its playground. The school district paid $12,000 for the land four years ago and now they might have to pay another $50,000 to get it back.

The district's superintendent says they were unaware the property had $248 in unpaid taxes due when they bought it. Because of the tax issue, the land was then sold in a tax sale for the amount due -- $248.

The new owner padlocked the gates and put up a for sale sign.

“Smarter heads than me that can figure this out and get it taken care of. The guy or LLC or whoever that bought this up, come on people, it's a playground, give me a break,” says lifelong Zearing resident P.J. McBride.

Records now show the land is owned by Mague Holdings LLC.

According to the school district, the company wants to sell the land back to the school district for $50,000.

The district says it's working with its attorney to resolve the issue.

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