Cell Phone Camera Captures Standoff Between Armed Man and Pleasant Hill Police

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PLEASANT HILL, Iowa -- "I was probably 60-70 yards away total," said Tom Hudson, general manager of CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston. "But, I was close enough. I could audibly hear most of the conversation."

Hudson was on his way home on Friday night when he saw some action unfolding in Pleasant Hill. He pulled over to record the standoff between police and an armed man.

"Just due to my line of work and what we do and we're always talking about being vigilant and observant, being aware of what's going on, we're trying to always train and speak to our customers that way," said Hudson, explaining why he decided to record the interaction. "I saw it as an opportunity to capture some footage for potential training purposes."

At 6:02 p.m. on June 23rd, police received a 911 call to 1250 NE 56th Street for a domestic incident. This is where Shining Stars Daycare is located, and Performance Plus Automotive is nearby.

"I was cleaning and I heard a lot of shouting," said Jason Parker, who works at the auto shop. "I heard someone shouting to somebody, 'put it down, put it down, put the gun down, don't make me shoot you.'"

Hudson's cell phone video captures police showing tremendous restraint. The incident could have ended differently, and in the moment Hudson thought the standoff was going to end tragically.

"There was multiple times when at commands to drop the gun, the suspect would move his hand up, they could've very easily thought that he was wanting to go for a weapon or bring his firearm up to brandish it and present it, if you will, which would have caused them to potentially react and want to shoot him," said Hudson.

Ultimately, the deployment of a taser is what brought the standoff to a peaceful resolution.

Juan Carlos Martinez, 27, of Marshalltown is facing five charges: assault while displaying a weapon, trafficking in stolen weapons, intrastate warrants, stalking in the first degree, and felon in possession of a firearm. He is currently behind bars at the Polk County Jail.