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Hail Storm Brings Rude Welcoming to Out of State Drivers

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VAN METER, Iowa — Countless cars tried to take cover along the interstate as a hail storm pounded I-80 near Van Meter.  While many will seek repair estimates on golf ball sized dents in their vehicle, not everyone was so fortunate.  “I felt like I was covering my head because I felt like hail was going to come through the windshield of my car,” said Jamie Andersen who had her windshield cracked by hail in Van Meter as she was driving back home to Omaha.  She added, “Yeah it was scary and crazy.”

A Wisconsin family had it even worse when he arrived at the Van Meter Casey’s General Store.  “I kept thinking, oh man I might have damage on my car. I cleared out, hopped in the car and backed up. I put my rear wiper blade on and it started swinging and I realized something was wrong and the back window was blown out.”  Rich Zeman and his wife were traveling from Wisconsin to Colorado for a wedding when they ran into the storm.  Golf ball sized hail completely shattered their window.  Thankfully the town’s police chief took them to the local fire station where they patched the back window with duct tape and a garbage bag.  The Van Meter Fire Department came through with just enough ‘Iowa Nice’ to get the Wisconsin couple on their way safely. Assistant Fire Chief Jermey Feldman said the decision to lend a hand was easy, “We just treat everybody how we all want to be treated and if somebody is down on their luck, we just try to help them out.”

Rich said the act of kindness will now make the Zeman’s short lived stop in Iowa a much more memorable with positivity. “I can’t say enough about these guys, how friendly and helpful they were. They just went right to work. They Vacuumed my car and got all of the glass out.”

While Jamie Andersen had a damaged front windshield, she was able to travel back to Omaha without major repairs after the storm passed.

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