Iowans Checking for Dings, Dents and Damage

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VAN METER, Iowa — Iowan’s are checking their roofs and examining their cars after widespread reports of hail and wind damage Wednesday night.

In Van Meter there were reports of golf ball and baseball sized hail.  Further west near Dexter a tornado was spotted.

“That’s what we come out to, I mean it just totally shattered…you can barely…see it just falls right in. Isn’t that amazing?” said Van Meter resident Bob Lacy as he touched what was left of his shattered rear windshield.

Lacy says yesterday’s hail storm was something else.

“The rain started then after the rain started came the hail.  They said ping-pong sized hail, well it got bigger than that…sounded like a war going on!” said Lacy.

For Lacy, the hailstorm came a day too late.

“You know the funny part is that we just had this big tree taken out yesterday, and this tree trimmed” said Lacy, referencing the tree he parked his car under. “Now if I hadn’t done that probably nothing would have happened to the car!” he laughed.

Lacy seemed to chuckle at the whole situation.

“One of the many wonders and ways of the good lord, there has to be a reason for this!” he laughed “Welcome to Iowa!”

Meanwhile in Dexter residents saw a tornado briefly touch down.

“I decided that maybe it was serious so I threw all my stuff in a bucket and my phones and my flashlight and went to the basement.  It just seemed like it lasted a few seconds” said longtime resident Lila Belden.

Though the twister’s course mainly took it through empty fields, Belden’s farm caught some of the wind damage.

“My hay barn is gone, and I’ll never replace it, I’m too old” said Belden.

Belden has lived at her home in Dexter for 66 years and despite also having one of her grain bins totaled, says it wasn’t that bad.

“I’m very thankful, that it was no worse than it was” she said.

Belden says she’s already working with her insurance agents to get the grain bin replaced.

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