Marion County Residents Cleanup After Tornado Strikes Wednesday

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PLEASANTVILLE, Iowa- Neighbors and friends were lending a hand across Marion County Thursday cleaning up from storms the night before.

Teri Chambers was at home around 6 pm when she heard about a tornado warning on the news, for her area Pleasantville.

“My daughter who lives 3/4 of a mile up the road said I see a funnel, get to the basement so we did,” said Chambers. “I kept waiting to hear something that sounded like a train, never did just heard one loud gust of wind.”

She expected a few branches down. Instead many huge trees were felled, their house was knocked from the foundation, and some animals were trapped in the barn, due to downed trees.

“We had no idea, until we came out from the basement that it was as devastating as it is it was,” said Chambers.

People started showing up Wednesday evening, many were on hand Thursday morning with chain saws, and a big tractor to help. A neighbor from down the road brought everyone lunch.