Rallies Held Around Country to Protest, Support President Trump

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UNITED STATES  --  Protests and counter-protests played out nationwide on Sunday, amid calls to impeach and remove Donald Trump as president.

Demonstrators rallied outside the Texas state capitol in Austin, calling for the congressional ouster of the 45th president. A pro-Trump crowd joined in, with a Confederate flag and voices loud enough to match those heading the impeachment rally.

A vocal but smaller crowd banded together at Atlanta's Piedmont Park, demanding impeachment. Protesters believe if the president colluded with Russia to interfere with the election so he would win, then he should be forced out of office now.

In New York, Trump's supporters and critics clashed.

"I feel Donald Trump is demeaning the office of the presidency and putting me and my five children in danger. And the only thing I have is to put my body on the line," said Henry Kaplan.

"All of us are hoping that, you know, the issue with collusion is going to be taken care of. You know, that's the main thing here. It's gotta be, it can't be ignored," said Alana Stump.

Organizers of the demonstrations hope to hold a bigger nationwide protest on July 15th.

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