Facebook Live Spread The Word on the Melcher Fire

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MELCHER, Iowa- When the fire broke out in downtown Melcher Tuesday night word spread throughout the area, and a crowd of people was on hand in the park downtown to watch firefighters battle the blaze.

Word also spread around the world within minutes after the hoses were being pressurized.

Josh Douglas was in town visiting his parents when he heard the sirens, and went to see what was going on.

“We saw heavy smoke rolling out of two buildings, the first fire trucks had just shown up,” said Douglas. “At first there was no flames, then the smoke got heavier, then the flames started shooting out of the front of one building.”

Douglas then did something he often does while chasing severe weather. He pulled out his smart phone, and began to “Facebook Live” what was going on there.

“Looks like Sinners and Saints and the building next door to it,” said Douglas into his camera mic when asked via Facebook comments what was burning. “There’s a fire and smoke in both buildings,one of the firefighters walked by and I asked him one or two buildings, and he said two, and just kept walking,”

Douglas didn’t have to talk all the time, but shared information when it became available.

“In the case of this, I happened to be in the right place at the right time, so it was natural to get the camera rolling,” said Douglas. “A lot of people wouldn’t have known about it, this just the power of social media these days.”

The live feed is archived on Josh Douglas Facebook, if you would like to find it on his page, click here.


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