Lawmakers Who Voted to Legalize Fireworks React to Fourth of July Celebrations

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- "I voted for fireworks and I`ve gotten some criticism for it," said State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad. Abdul-Samad responds to that criticism by pointing out that people are going to use fireworks whether they're legal or illegal, and he would rather the state regulate fireworks.

"This was a way for me to say let`s regulate it. Let`s bring revenue to Iowa. Let`s create safety to it, and that`s going to take some time as any bill and hopefully we`ll work on it next year and the next session after that," said Abdul-Samad.

And on the day after the Fourth of July, Abdul-Samad said that for the most part, people behaved on the holiday.

"I went out after ten o`clock and actually drove around Des Moines and actually approached individuals and told them you are past the curfew, it's a $600 fine, you don`t want that to happen. I had a lot of individuals say, okay, you know we`re going to stop it and I know they did, that doesn`t mean after I drove off they didn`t do it again, but at least they were very respectful to me last night," said Abdul-Samad.

State Senator Brad Zaun also voted to legalize fireworks in Iowa and thinks all in all, Independence Day fireworks celebrations went off without a hitch.

"I think they went really well, considering the amount of time that the local cities had to create ordinances on where they`re going to be sold, which I thought they went too far and of course putting down their own rules," said Zaun.

"I was, however, very upset when I heard fireworks being blown up in my neighborhood at 2 A.M. last night, and those idiots that are doing that, it`s unfortunate because they`re giving fireworks a bad name," said Zaun. "But, I think it went well."

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