Livestock Disaster Program Update

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Legislators are trying to update some of the livestock disaster programs.

South Dakota Senator John Thune has introduced new legislation designed to update the Livestock Forage Program and the Livestock Indemnity program (LIP).

He wants producers to get quicker help if disasters strike, he claims it will be twice as fast.

He also wants to modify the laws to let a rancher get a month payment during severe droughts as well as helping up the approval rates of payments for weather related livestock deaths.

Thune says it's important not to punish producers for losing livestock because of the weather, "Every livestock producer I know would do everything possible to save livestock and this legislation would help defend livestock owners from unneeded bureaucracy and in many cases unfortunate and costly determinations of ineligibility under the LIP program."

The bill also makes a small correction that lets ranchers with grazing agreements more flexibility with the forest service. It makes sure they are treated the same by the forest service as other people on federal lands.