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Tour 31 Des Moines Parks in 31 Days

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- If you are looking for an excuse to get outside or get the kids out of the house, Des Moines Parks and Rec is hosting a contest called 31 parks in 31 days.

The contest is held in July for National Parks and Rec month.

The challenge is called 31 parks in 31 days. If you visit every park on the list and take a picture while you’re there you can be eligible to win $1,000.

“If you post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag we can track who has been to what facility. We already have three people who have completed the tour over the weekend. We were very surprised. People were out and about and the weather and the long holiday weekend certainly helped with that. We are really excited to see everyone else’s photos,” JEn Fletcher with Des Moines Parks and Rec said.

The hashtag they want you to use is #TourDMParks.

There are three levels of prizes:

  • First 500 to visit ten of the 31 locations and submit a photo will receive an Iowa Cubs t-shirt.
  • First 500 to visit 20 locations and submit a photo receive a $20 'Parks Bucks' certificate.
  • All who visit 31 locations and submit photos are eligible to compete for the Tour DM Parks grand prize of $1,000.

If you’re having trouble picking your first destination the Friends of Des Moines Parks Board has some ideas.

“I have different favorites for different reasons. I love Waveland. It is one of the first four original parks in Des Moines. They’re almost 125 years old if you can believe it. We love to go over there and snowshoe in the winter. I’m also a golfer and they have a beautiful golf course. So that is definitely a favorite. I spend a lot of time at Grays Lake also,” President of Friends of Des Moines Parks Board Sarah Lohmeier said.

There are also several spray grounds on the list to help you cool off.

“We have three daughters and one of our favorite weekend activities is getting on our bikes, jumping on the trail system, which is also incredible here in Des Moines. And we will swing by Greenwood and go through the spray ground or whatever. I just love to be outside. Anytime you can get out and run your kids and be outside is wonderful,” Lohmeier said.

At the end everyone who completed the challenge will be invited to a dinner where you take a quiz on the 31 locations you visited to be able to win the prize money.

The Des Moines Parks and Rec website has the full list and more information.