Eastern Iowa Family Uses Old Appliance to Create Own ‘Fireworks’

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DUBUQUE, Iowa  --  An eastern Iowa family found a way to create their own type of fireworks with an old appliance this weekend.

Not much remains of an old washing machine after it was blown up in Dubuque, according to KWWL's Brad Hanson.

Natalie Holl, 18, took the shot.

"And I took the first shot, and I didn't make it. And I was like, should I do it again? And I was like, sure, might as well. Then it took me a while to line it up, then it blew up and everyone was kinda in shock. We weren't expecting it to happen right away," said Holl.

The washer, which stopped working about six months ago, was filled with 16 pounds of binary reactive--a completely legal explosive. Holl took the shot from about 120 yards away, and was in awe at what happened when she hit the target.

"It was really big. You could feel it from all way back here. I was just in shock looking at it."

Just as impressive is the fact that it was Holl's first time shooting an assault rifle.

"I've only shot guns three times down here. But nothing big, nothing with an assault rifle," she said.

The family did this in a isolated spot in Dubuque County, and the ATF says all their actions were legal.

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